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Presentation :

Before they see the video, on their arrival in the museum, the children discover concretely in the form of a workshop, the manufacture of the hat made of wool felt: from the blending of the wool to the finished hat.


After seeing the video, the children visit the permanent exhibition of the Atelier of the Museum of the Hat-Making of Espéraza, and in a playful way, rediscover the techniques of making the hat in Felt in the form of:

A) a first workshop will enable them to look for pictures with the machines displayed in the museum.

B) a second workshop will allow them to recognize the different colors of hat bells.

C) a third workshop will allow them to discover the various forms of hats (about ten …), by positioning in front of each of them the corresponding pictures.

D) at the 4th workshop, the children will have to compose and then color their first name by looking for the letters of the "hat alphabet" which is dispersed in the museum.

E) Finally, thanks to the 5th workshop, they will leave with the little booklet " I felt hats ", as the culmination of their visit in the museum.

DSC03897  003

Conduct of the visit:

➢ Facilitated by the host / guide of the museum
➢ Progression in group from workshop to workshop
➢ Interactivity of the visit with play on materials, shapes and colors according to the workshops

Skills acquisition:

➢ Recognition, comparison of materials, shapes (touch, see)
➢ Ability to classify objects according to their size
➢ Structuring of time: concept of making the cap in several stages
➢ Sensitivity, imagination, creation: to say what one does, what one sees, what one feels, what one thinks from the felt



For who ?
  Children from 6 to 10 years old.

  2h00 (registration all year by reservation)


Rate 2021:
  4,00 € / child.

Practical information :
  Students must bring their class kits with colored pencils and / or felts, and glue stick.
  We welcome you Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.
  The maximum capacity of the group cannot exceed 30 students.
  These schedules can be adapted on request.
  Download and print the booking form : Booking form Recreation Centers and Holidays



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