Museum of the Hat-Making of Esperaza




     The Museum of hat-making of Espéraza brings together the machines and the various equipments that make up the production lines of the felt bell and the finished hat, of which a video film retraces the 25 steps necessary, if not indispensable, to the elaboration Felt hats of very high quality.

     Two spaces in the form of the workshops "milling and appropriation", lift up the veil both on the manufacturing and the problems related to the mechanical evolution of the industrial revolution.
Photographs, commented works and models of headwear complete the illustration of these different phases, giving a technical and historical overview of this once recognized world-wide industry.

     The Museum of Esperaza and the Association "The Friends of the museum of hat-making" are pleased to welcome you, with a dynamic team, interrested to share its passion for this art of the hat-making. They were able to revive a true heritage, as a witness the traditions of everyday life that once made the wealth of Esperaza.





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