Secondary School


Program: Classes of 4th 12-13 years old

The themes discussed during the outdoor visit (around the city center) and inside the museum, answer the questionnaire entitled "the birth of the industry and its upheavals", studied in school by the students.

The pupils appropriate each visit by reading the sheets themselves, which are supposed to provide answers to the questionnaire.

The interactivity of the group makes it possible to attract the attention of each one, the mobilization of all is encouraging in view of the experiments already carried out; The students, their teacher and ourselves are more than satisfied with the journey we have made.

Topics covered during the visit of Espéraza

1) The improvements of the living conditions of the hatmakers families over time
(Cité Sarraut and Boulevard Barbes)

2) Festive and folk customs and customs
(Place de la République)

3) The boss hat: house and factory
(Rue Elie Sermet)

Topics covered during the visit of the Museum

A) The origins of the hat making in Esperaza

B) From manual labor to the introduction of machinery

C) The arrival of the railway in Esperaza

D) The various stages of manufacture

E) Child labour

F) The working conditions of the hat workers

G) Fraternal benefit societies

H) The birth of trade unionism

I) The birth of communism and the hat-making


Download the supporting documents of the visit:

La naissance de l'industrie 1

La naissance de l'industrie 2

Donwload and print the : Reservation Colleges


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